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Content: strongest start three

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Recently Submitted

Title Author Type Genre Reviews Credits Date
click to expandLight of Judgment (Final Draft)D.L. RankinNovelThrillers4n/aAug 4, 2010
click to expandOne-StripekevdartsNovelFantasy1n/aJan 7, 2010
click to expandTHE BOY NEXT DOOR Chapter 5rlvsNovelLiterary Fiction2n/aNov 27, 2009
click to expandTHE BOY NEXT DOOR - Chapter 4rlvsNovelLiterary Fiction2n/aNov 27, 2009
click to expandTHE BOY NEXT DOOR - Chapter 3rlvsNovelLiterary Fiction2n/aNov 26, 2009
click to expandPlum CrazyTirzahLaughsNovelCommercial Fiction14n/aOct 20, 2009
click to expandThe Hidden Scrolla.y.anouchiNovelHistorical Fiction1n/aJul 20, 2009
click to expandThe Morgue Drinking ClubS.E. BoldtNovelYoung Adult1n/aJul 17, 2009
click to expandENTHUSIASMfabbottNovelNon-Fiction1n/aJun 13, 2009
click to expandShadowed Deviations OnyxLightNovelScience Fiction0n/aMay 15, 2009
click to expandThe Law of Liliesjosh howattNovelLiterary Fiction4n/aMay 15, 2009
click to expandMy GioiaGingerlynnNovelCommercial Fiction8n/aMay 14, 2009
click to expandLafayette ClinicoddryanNovelHumor3n/aMay 13, 2009
click to expandBlood of Silverheart: Echoes of the Huntedarianna cordelle soferNovelYoung Adult6n/aMay 13, 2009
click to expandConflict of Brothersjames129067NovelHistorical Fiction12n/aMay 13, 2009
click to expandEbon Moondennis mcdonaldNovelHorror7n/aMay 12, 2009
click to expandThree Red SeedsabundanceNovelLiterary Fiction5n/aMay 8, 2009
click to expandStates of MatterDeirdreNovelLiterary Fiction3n/aApr 14, 2009
click to expandLost Soul and Back Again revised edition 3-16-09Lost SoulNovelMemoir4n/aApr 11, 2009
click to expandFlashes and SpecksMark PogodzinskiNovelCommercial Fiction8n/aApr 10, 2009
click to expandOathbearerdennis mcdonaldNovelFantasy5n/aApr 7, 2009
click to expandTHE BOY NEXT DOOR - Chapter onerlvsNovelLiterary Fiction6n/aMar 31, 2009
click to expandTHE ACCIDENTAL THERAPIST Lost SoulNovelHumor3n/aJan 25, 2009
click to expandBlood MoonseanwelshNovelLiterary Fiction4n/aJan 8, 2009
click to expandSpangled StarseanwelshNovelAction and Adventure6n/aJan 7, 2009

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