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Content: strongest start four

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Recently Submitted

Title Author Type Genre Reviews Credits Date
click to expandAngel's From the SkyVeejayKumarNovelWar and Military4n/aJun 3, 2011
click to expandVirtual Heavenjean jefferiesNovelCommercial Fiction3n/aJan 26, 2011
click to expandCOLD VENGEANCENeemuchNovelThrillers1n/aOct 20, 2010
click to expandINTERSECTIONSjoankrNovelLiterary Fiction2n/aAug 5, 2010
click to expandThe Square of RemembranceGingerlynnNovelLiterary Fiction1n/aJun 8, 2010
click to expandThe VesselJames McLendonNovelScience Fiction3n/aJun 8, 2010
click to expandDark PrairiesR.S. GuthrieNovelCommercial Fiction3n/aJun 7, 2010
click to expandScenes of a HERspanic LifeHerspanicSurvivorNovelMemoir4n/aJun 7, 2010
click to expand- Sins of the Father -gladstone13NovelCommercial Fiction6n/aJun 3, 2010
click to expandThe Cheech RoomwoodstockNovelCommercial Fiction5n/aJun 3, 2010
click to expandA Wicked Temptationlee_wildNovelRomance1n/aJun 3, 2010
click to expandWoman OverboardShari CecilNovelMemoir5n/aJun 3, 2010
click to expandKnight of ChampionsRyllcoNovelFantasy9n/aJun 2, 2010
click to expandSatan's AngelGreatriverNovelThrillers3n/aJun 2, 2010
click to expandThe Polish WifeAllanna LinvilleNovelHistorical Fiction3n/aMay 28, 2010
click to expandThe Touch Me NotsdonaldvphillipsNovelScience Fiction3n/aMay 28, 2010
click to expandMasqueradeJAMenziesNovelLiterary Fiction7n/aMay 28, 2010
click to expandSaving DaylightGlaszHousezNovelScience Fiction3n/aMay 28, 2010
click to expandIn Wake of a FollowingJennifer SwanNovelHistorical Fiction0n/aMay 26, 2010
click to expandIt's All Mercenary (SS4 Version)k_s_talynNovelFantasy2n/aMay 25, 2010
click to expandA Stranger I lovedfabbottNovelRomance3n/aMay 24, 2010
click to expandThe Quickness of Magnolias, Strongest Startl.l. graceNovelLiterary Fiction11n/aMay 14, 2010
click to expandDIRTY WAR IN A BOXMister MustardNovelLiterary Fiction0n/aMay 4, 2010
click to expandClarabell Could Talk (Strongest Start Competition Entry)BillieBurkeNovelLiterary Fiction5n/aApr 30, 2010
click to expandArrivingsanne0913NovelCommercial Fiction3n/aApr 29, 2010
click to expandSalt AngelladynNovelFantasy5n/aApr 12, 2010
click to expandTHE APOCALYPSE GENEknighthawkNovelFantasy5n/aFeb 17, 2010
click to expandLittle EvilJake HawkinsNovelCommercial Fiction11n/aMay 11, 2009
click to expandTHE PRICE OF A WOMANknighthawkNovelLiterary Fiction16n/aApr 8, 2009
click to expandRoot Hog or Die (Newly revised)vernNovelMemoir5n/aApr 30, 2008
click to expandTHE PEOPLE'S CHAMPIONknighthawkNovelFantasy6n/aFeb 4, 2007
click to expandSECRETS WE ALL KNOWknighthawkNovelLiterary Fiction10n/aOct 18, 2006

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