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Content: sex

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Recently Submitted

Title Author Type Genre Reviews Credits Date
click to expandMeadowlark Nursing Home Spring DanceNathan B. ChildsShort StoryHumor60.93Sep 24, 2014
click to expandBeating ItskeptikoiShort StoryLiterary Fiction122.07May 3, 2014
click to expandBlister RustJ C FIELDNovelAction and Adventure6n/aFeb 18, 2014
click to expandApproaching GypsyLindsKLeesNovelCommercial Fiction0n/aJun 19, 2013
click to expandThe Darkest Area of The NightKousKousNovelErotica1n/aJul 24, 2012
click to expandThe Girl in the King's Bedwillow_hillNovelHistorical Fiction3n/aJun 22, 2012
click to expandWaiting on a WomanElliepachiNovelOther2n/aJun 17, 2012
click to expandIntimacy embroiled in PiracyjaninePoetryPoetry40.28Feb 13, 2012
click to expandLOST IN TRANSITIONLost SoulNovelHumor1n/aOct 4, 2011
click to expandThe Embers of DesireskeptikoiShort StoryLiterary Fiction121.95Sep 6, 2011
click to expandThe LoverjaksnipeShort StoryLiterary Fiction60.45Aug 31, 2011
click to expandLife Happening. Sorta.Tafkal FollyShort StoryLiterary Fiction91.36Jun 29, 2011
click to expandNO SEX FOR FAT PANDAbrosna11PoetryHumor40.06Jun 16, 2011
click to expandI, Fat ManskeptikoiShort StoryLiterary Fiction322.49May 27, 2011
click to expandHas To Be Better This Time: Version 2KeenShort StoryHumor111.25May 22, 2011
click to expandMinkKeenShort StoryCommercial Fiction50.73Feb 2, 2011
click to expandRampant Rabbit..(rude!) #janinePoetryErotica190.81Jan 20, 2011
click to expandHas To Be Better This TimeKeenShort StoryHumor30.91Jan 18, 2011
click to expandCatch and ReleaseJ.T.TwerellNovelRomance2n/aDec 14, 2010
click to expandLight of Judgment (Final Draft)D.L. RankinNovelThrillers4n/aAug 4, 2010
click to expand..Gardens and thingskiwiPoetryPoetry70.38Jul 23, 2010
click to expandAll Men are Dogs Jackson JamesPoetryPoetry40.36Jul 13, 2010
click to expandIn Search of Mr Wonderful, The Journey From Myth To Madness)Monica Bouvier-WalkerNovelRomance1n/aJul 7, 2010
click to expandThe Virginal Grip, part 1skeptikoiShort StoryLiterary Fiction163.37May 14, 2010
click to expandThe Virginal Grip, part 2skeptikoiShort StoryLiterary Fiction153.54May 14, 2010
click to expandA Bite After WorkJohn E. WoodShort StoryErotica50.88Oct 13, 2009
click to expandAnswerEthereal AngelPoetryPoetry90.48Jul 26, 2009
click to expandMy Greatest Pleasurejames129067NovelErotica10n/aMay 20, 2009
click to expand"Sultry" poem LadyEvylPoetryPoetry50.60Mar 2, 2009
click to expandStill Crazy After Twenty YearsJohn E. WoodShort StoryErotica40.46Jan 25, 2009
click to expandCampervan Man #janinePoetryAction and Adventure60.95Dec 25, 2008
click to expandEnvelopedEthereal AngelPoetryErotica50.04Sep 30, 2008
click to expandTaming the Cougar: Chapter 1Jayce ColeNovelHumor1n/aSep 22, 2008
click to expandJust Sex, Okay?TirzahLaughsShort StoryFlash Fiction120.38Sep 7, 2008
click to expandDeep Throat # (...rude!)janinePoetryErotica90.27May 19, 2007
click to expandCorporate Samurai (Competition Entry)Dur ShachoNovelAction and Adventure13n/aMar 24, 2007
click to expandBossom Pals (a bit rude!) #janinePoetryErotica130.28Oct 27, 2006
click to expandBJ Bliss #janinePoetryErotica110.38Oct 26, 2006

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