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Content: science fiction

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Recently Submitted

Title Author Type Genre Reviews Credits Date
click to expandEarthly ForcePByrdNovelRomance8n/aOct 6, 2014
click to expandTerra to EarthMatthew AbelackNovelScience Fiction0n/aJun 30, 2014
click to expandTin CantsShort StoryFlash Fiction50.80May 24, 2014
click to expandKrudges:The Girl Who Lost the Earth, Book 1 2014Matthew AbelackNovelScience Fiction5n/aApr 28, 2014
click to expandStarsTFL121Short StoryScience Fiction92.81Apr 2, 2014
click to expandGeepusLeeanne JosephNovelHumor3n/aFeb 1, 2014
click to expandFoundersgraymartinNovelYoung Adult9n/aDec 22, 2013
click to expandInto the Mind of Godnorm_dplumeNovelScience Fiction8n/aDec 20, 2013
click to expand1950's Version of 2001Matthew AbelackPoetryScience Fiction80.88Oct 1, 2013
click to expandTrades - the endBonnie MilaniShort StoryScience Fiction31.05Sep 29, 2013
click to expandTrades 5Bonnie MilaniShort StoryScience Fiction20.00Sep 29, 2013
click to expandTrades 4Bonnie MilaniShort StoryScience Fiction43.06Sep 29, 2013
click to expandTrades 1Bonnie MilaniShort StoryScience Fiction52.18Sep 29, 2013
click to expandTrades 3Bonnie MilaniShort StoryScience Fiction32.39Sep 29, 2013
click to expandBirth: or The Exquisite Sound of One Hand Falling Off a Turnip TruckS.T. GulikNovelHumor4n/aJul 30, 2013
click to expandThe Mirrors --- strongest_start_sevenNathan H.NovelScience Fiction8n/aJun 22, 2013
click to expandTalon: The Pack Jordan04NovelYoung Adult9n/aJun 18, 2013
click to expandLatticegraymartinNovelYoung Adult11n/aJun 10, 2013
click to expandAtarashi Sekai - The Elemental WarriorsLonelyWolfNovelFantasy3n/aJan 16, 2013
click to expandStolen DestinyTELawrenceNovelFantasy2n/aJul 9, 2012
click to expandKnower (Strongest Start)Jem McAfeeNovelFantasy7n/aJun 18, 2012
click to expandCasey Steel The Reluctant Witchd a reynoldsNovelScience Fiction21n/aJun 4, 2012
click to expandDo Holograms Make Love?RaphiHailsNovelScience Fiction6n/aJun 2, 2012
click to expandFragile DemonsErndogNovelScience Fiction2n/aFeb 3, 2012
click to expandAlmanecerMichael Troy KnedelNovelScience Fiction3n/aJul 6, 2011
click to expandRandolf (A revision)j l moShort StoryScience Fiction41.26Mar 14, 2011
click to expandBad Things only Happen to Other PeopleKeenShort StoryScience Fiction43.16Jun 29, 2010
click to expandThe Touch Me NotsdonaldvphillipsNovelScience Fiction3n/aMay 28, 2010
click to expandThe Old Soulskimberly kayNovelYoung Adult6n/aMay 8, 2010
click to expandStolen Light (The Cloud) - Second revisionliana vrajaShort StoryLiterary Fiction101.92Dec 12, 2009
click to expandA Marriage Made In...Jake HawkinsShort StoryScience Fiction102.38Aug 27, 2009
click to expandZeron, the planet of death-sleepVindal VandakoffNovelScience Fiction2n/aJul 23, 2009
click to expandShadowed Deviations OnyxLightNovelScience Fiction0n/aMay 15, 2009
click to expandLost ColonyS.E. BoldtNovelScience Fiction5n/aApr 21, 2009
click to expandThe Adventures of Rayler Hubb: Intergalactic SuperstarD.L. RankinNovelScience Fiction5n/aFeb 1, 2009
click to expandChalkcavedollNovelYoung Adult7n/aJul 27, 2008
click to expandThe Zigon Project - Book One: Breath of LifeD.L. RankinNovelYoung Adult2n/aFeb 18, 2007
click to expandA World WithinBukowskisMuseNovelLiterary Fiction5n/aNov 18, 2006
click to expandThe Dark Sweetness Between the Starsmike bNovelScience Fiction25n/aJan 20, 2006

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