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Content: relationships

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Recently Submitted

Title Author Type Genre Reviews Credits Date
click to expandMara and Ingrid (Part 1) (Revised)Michelle8Short StoryLiterary Fiction43.21Aug 14, 2014
click to expandMara and Ingrid (Part 2) (Revised and very, very short)Michelle8Short StoryLiterary Fiction30.39Aug 14, 2014
click to expandMIRROR IMAGEflowing pencilPoetryPoetry70.07Jul 5, 2014
click to expandRoof Food Clothesj l moShort StoryMemoir40.62Jun 14, 2014
click to expandI Dream of HitlerskeptikoiShort StoryLiterary Fiction113.09Dec 30, 2013
click to expandI REMEMBER GLADIOLUSflowing pencilPoetryMemoir120.48Jun 8, 2013
click to expandCrosswordp lawrenceShort StoryLiterary Fiction91.34Apr 25, 2013
click to expandCityp lawrenceShort StoryLiterary Fiction40.86Apr 12, 2013
click to expandCriticp lawrenceShort StoryLiterary Fiction51.33Apr 7, 2013
click to expandDriving to Aquinnahp lawrenceShort StoryLiterary Fiction20.00Mar 25, 2013
click to expandHungry The Soulflowing pencilPoetryPoetry80.22Oct 3, 2012
click to expandTALE OF THE ALURIIselbyNovelScience Fiction2n/aJul 1, 2012
click to expandTheo & Meashley wildeNovelRomance3n/aMay 14, 2012
click to expandTsiatkoNathan B. ChildsNovelAction and Adventure12n/aMar 7, 2012
click to expandMust (Prequel)kaleigh castle-maguireNovelCommercial Fiction2n/aOct 2, 2011
click to expandThe Embers of DesireskeptikoiShort StoryLiterary Fiction121.95Sep 6, 2011
click to expandEvening Disputepammy raffShort StoryHumor130.69Jul 1, 2011
click to expandHas To Be Better This Time: Version 2KeenShort StoryHumor111.25May 22, 2011
click to expandCatch and ReleaseJ.T.TwerellNovelRomance2n/aDec 14, 2010
click to expandSignal 30J.T.TwerellNovelMystery and Crime3n/aDec 6, 2010
click to expandTill It Happens - Chapter 1KCPenmanshipNovelLiterary Fiction9n/aNov 2, 2010
click to expandComic Relief (2nd try)QWLauren35Short StoryHumor90.67Oct 20, 2010
click to expandWhy Trust is ImportantJackie Madden HaughShort StoryOther50.69Jun 30, 2010
click to expandBad Things only Happen to Other PeopleKeenShort StoryScience Fiction43.16Jun 29, 2010
click to expandArrivingsanne0913NovelCommercial Fiction3n/aApr 29, 2010
click to expandWho Wrote MY Script? (Revised)Karla B.NovelCommercial Fiction1n/aApr 14, 2010
click to expandAn Old Pile of RubbleKeenShort StoryHumor61.61Jul 14, 2009
click to expandMy GioiaGingerlynnNovelCommercial Fiction8n/aMay 14, 2009
click to expandI Know You by HeartLinda SpearNovelLiterary Fiction4n/aMay 13, 2009
click to expandThe KnowledgeablesdalzielNovelFantasy2n/aApr 15, 2009
click to expandThe Gifts of MenJayce ColePoetryHumor50.42Dec 28, 2007
click to expandCleo JohnsonkateransomNovelLiterary Fiction8n/aMar 26, 2007

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