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Content: murder

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Recently Submitted

Title Author Type Genre Reviews Credits Date
click to expandMurder on the Sunday GulchdebNovelMystery and Crime3n/aOct 14, 2014
click to expandThe Fruit of the Poisonous Treej p lundstromNovelMystery and Crime1n/aOct 12, 2014
click to expandSister Margaret's One Big Lielinda leeNovelMystery and Crime3n/aOct 8, 2014
click to expandMcShane #3 - Hurricane or Homicidej l moNovelMystery and Crime4n/aOct 8, 2014
click to expandBroken (The Raiford Chronicles #3)Janet Taylor-PerryNovelMystery and Crime3n/aAug 24, 2014
click to expandA Sign of RetributionS. Tennyson TaylorNovelMystery and Crime4n/aAug 14, 2014
click to expandWarpaint And Battle Hymns: A Ballad of the BulletvsworldNovelThrillers2n/aJul 27, 2014
click to expandNecessary EvilMatthew JNovelHorror2n/aJun 11, 2014
click to expandAn Unfortunate DeathdebNovelMystery and Crime6n/aMay 27, 2014
click to expandMaypops in Septemberc.e. jonesNovelLiterary Fiction13n/aAug 26, 2013
click to expandDay-Tripper (Dark and Deadly series volume 2)Susan StecNovelHorror4n/aAug 11, 2013
click to expandTor Loken and the Death of Chief NamakagonJames_A_BrakkenNovelHistorical Fiction3n/aJun 12, 2013
click to expandSaving GracieLucy RiceNovelCommercial Fiction8n/aMay 26, 2013
click to expandQueen of Schnappstina_dc_hayesNovelCommercial Fiction6n/aMay 1, 2013
click to expandThe Box (by LC)Linkun ChenShort StoryMystery and Crime90.65Apr 27, 2013
click to expandBluenose Intrigues - Tilting at WindmillsalkemiNovelMystery and Crime8n/aApr 7, 2013
click to expandCABLE HORNMAN: SECRET OF THE DRUIDSC Lee BrownNovelFantasy16n/aMar 31, 2013
click to expandRequiem for a Rock Starnynative1NovelCommercial Fiction3n/aMar 14, 2013
click to expandGreenriver ChroniclesW.L. PostNovelMystery and Crime1n/aNov 2, 2012
click to expandLevel IIdebShort StoryFlash Fiction90.32Jul 19, 2012
click to expandThe Girl with Green HairLucy RiceNovelOther25n/aJun 21, 2012
click to expandInto the Fog, Dawn of the TigerC J DriftwoodNovelCommercial Fiction12n/aJun 12, 2012
click to expandMurder Through the Looking Glass (Strongest Start 2013)Ammari SkyNovelMystery and Crime2n/aJun 1, 2012
click to expandBorderlandsTELawrenceNovelMystery and Crime1n/aMay 3, 2012
click to expandScene of Fearr. wesley ellingtonShort StoryMystery and Crime81.10Jan 21, 2012
click to expandEmulsionhperrinovaShort StoryHorror82.99Sep 27, 2011
click to expandThe Sincerest Form of Flatteryjack the knifeNovelThrillers24n/aSep 20, 2011
click to expandMurder in the Shadow of Chelsea Towers Westm w mccoyNovelScience Fiction3n/aJun 24, 2011
click to expandStone Mountain: Act 1 and 2m w mccoyShort StoryFantasy41.38Jun 19, 2011
click to expandThe Ego of Coolm w mccoyNovelScience Fiction3n/aJun 17, 2011
click to expandA lost bank. (version 2)m w mccoyShort StoryFlash Fiction30.17Jun 13, 2011
click to expandJust DessertsStindoNovelMystery and Crime13n/aMar 22, 2011
click to expandLITTLE GIRL LOST (Part one of three)rlvsShort StoryMystery and Crime20.92Jan 17, 2011
click to expandCatch and ReleaseJ.T.TwerellNovelRomance2n/aDec 14, 2010
click to expandA Different PathfarfinagleShort StoryHorror70.56Sep 27, 2010
click to expandThe Shock of MurderGlider girlShort StoryScience Fiction50.93Aug 14, 2010
click to expandVicariousOcean ArcherNovelThrillers2n/aAug 5, 2010
click to expandLight of Judgment (Final Draft)D.L. RankinNovelThrillers4n/aAug 4, 2010
click to expandBlue NotesRose MandanNovelMystery and Crime10n/aJul 19, 2010
click to expandDark PrairiesR.S. GuthrieNovelCommercial Fiction3n/aJun 7, 2010
click to expandThe Cheech RoomwoodstockNovelCommercial Fiction5n/aJun 3, 2010
click to expandI've Got Something To Tell you...KeenShort StoryHorror82.14May 31, 2010
click to expandThe Finger of GodjaksnipeShort StoryMystery and Crime153.27May 6, 2010
click to expandDIRTY WAR IN A BOXMister MustardNovelLiterary Fiction0n/aMay 4, 2010
click to expandStay Away Awhile (Revised)Eileen ElkinsonShort StoryMystery and Crime20.24Dec 5, 2009
click to expandShadows of the NightShadowNovelHorror8n/aNov 22, 2009
click to expandLooks like She's Sleeping - Part 1Eileen ElkinsonShort StoryLiterary Fiction40.49Sep 18, 2009
click to expandExecutive Samurai Dur ShachoNovelAction and Adventure3n/aSep 13, 2009
click to expandSecret VengeancerufusNovelMystery and Crime2n/aAug 17, 2009
click to expandTwo Worlds ApartSidemanNovelCommercial Fiction6n/aJun 29, 2009
click to expandBurningRose MandanNovelMystery and Crime10n/aMay 1, 2009
click to expandVicarious ConsentDtank5224NovelThrillers3n/aMar 29, 2009
click to expandStolen ChildDerek AtkinsPoetryPoetry80.34Sep 24, 2008
click to expandThe WandererJohn E. WoodShort StoryThrillers121.84Mar 25, 2008
click to expandHitch Haiku #2touch1stonePoetryMystery and Crime40.04Sep 28, 2007
click to expandA Quiet Victory (Part 2)brian s. lancasterShort StoryMystery and Crime151.74May 12, 2007
click to expandA Quiet Victory (Part 1)brian s. lancasterShort StoryMystery and Crime141.64May 10, 2007
click to expandCorporate Samurai (Competition Entry)Dur ShachoNovelAction and Adventure13n/aMar 24, 2007
click to expandThe Carlisle County Bad Men-Part2michael webbShort StoryMystery and Crime50.94Feb 12, 2007
click to expandThe Carlisle County Bad Menmichael webbShort StoryOther101.04Feb 3, 2007
click to expandWHO KILLED LITTLE MARY SUNSHINE Part TworlvsShort StoryMystery and Crime50.37Jan 1, 2007

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