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Content: memoir

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Recently Submitted

Title Author Type Genre Reviews Credits Date
click to expandKeeping Lion's, Tigers, Crocodiles and Bears...silver_pencilNovelMemoir4n/aJul 4, 2014
click to expandRoof Food Clothesj l moShort StoryMemoir40.62Jun 14, 2014
click to expandWhy I Love HorrortallowShort StoryMemoir41.07Dec 1, 2013
click to expandAutumn Rain--A Personal EssayjaamesShort StoryMemoir162.27Nov 17, 2013
click to expandTrolls Live under a BridgeJanet Taylor-PerryShort StoryMemoir50.35Oct 28, 2013
click to expandThoughts on Hanging Upside-down in An Abandoned Gold MineopsimathShort StoryReligion and Spirituality40.41Mar 16, 2013
click to expandJust a Shelter Dogp lawrenceShort StoryMemoir100.47Mar 1, 2013
click to expandFirst Date--ShortenedJanet Taylor-PerryShort StoryMemoir60.16Feb 22, 2013
click to expandTo Hell with You, Witch!Janet Taylor-PerryShort StoryNon-Fiction60.83Oct 17, 2012
click to expandThe Phantoms of Trace RoadJanet Taylor-PerryShort StoryMemoir30.40Aug 30, 2012
click to expandFAIR BALLp lawrenceShort StoryNon-Fiction40.41May 3, 2012
click to expandCatching Stars In Jars (Strongest Start 2013)Ammari SkyNovelRomance3n/aApr 26, 2012
click to expandStomach Staples and Cyclones! Sixteen Years Later!Janet Taylor-PerryShort StoryMemoir80.37Apr 12, 2012
click to expandMetamorphosis Subtitled Lizard ScalesJanet Taylor-PerryShort StoryMemoir70.47Mar 24, 2012
click to expandRammed in the RearJanet Taylor-PerryShort StoryMemoir90.77Mar 22, 2012
click to expand"Internot" DatingJanet Taylor-PerryShort StoryMemoir221.78Nov 6, 2011
click to expandDover StreethperrinovaNovelMemoir8n/aAug 26, 2011
click to expandFirst DateJanet Taylor-PerryShort StoryMemoir60.28Jul 28, 2011
click to expandFig Leaves and Toilet PaperJanet Taylor-PerryShort StoryMemoir60.68Jul 28, 2011
click to expandBeauty Is only "Maid" DeepJanet Taylor-PerryShort StoryMemoir70.89May 10, 2011
click to expandIllusion! Epiphany! Proclamation!Janet Taylor-PerryShort StoryMemoir40.38May 9, 2011
click to expandA Date wtih a SenatorJanet Taylor-PerryShort StoryMemoir60.65May 7, 2011
click to expandStick Shifts and ModelingJanet Taylor-PerryShort StoryMemoir50.70May 1, 2011
click to expandA Stranger I lovedfabbottNovelRomance3n/aMay 24, 2010
click to expandSharee's Ultimate ShameChris StralynShort StoryMemoir50.72Apr 15, 2010
click to expandLike A Shadow In The DarkSidemanPoetryMemoir40.05Feb 3, 2010
click to expandWhat Are You Going to Do with a Latin Degree? (Part I of the Memory's Musings series) D.H. NawarNovelLiterary Fiction5n/aMay 12, 2009
click to expandLove For Writing Or Vice VersavernShort StoryMemoir81.52Jul 29, 2008
click to expandRoot Hog or Die (Newly revised)vernNovelMemoir5n/aApr 30, 2008
click to expandMy Other Car is an Ambulancemedic38NovelMemoir27n/aJan 25, 2008
click to expandBay Rescuemedic38Short StoryMemoir182.31Dec 4, 2007
click to expandBad Weedmedic38Short StoryMemoir161.53Jul 9, 2007
click to expandTactmedic38Short StoryMemoir160.99Jun 12, 2007
click to expandLow Acuitymedic38Short StoryMemoir171.74May 20, 2007
click to expandThe Bleedmedic38Short StoryMemoir172.98May 5, 2007
click to expandEpistaxismedic38Short StoryMemoir182.49Apr 25, 2007
click to expandThe Deliverymedic38Short StoryMemoir42.21Feb 2, 2007
click to expandFire in the Building (Updated 12.13.09)medic38Short StoryMemoir102.83Oct 19, 2006
click to expandDaryl Robert Prestonmedic38Short StoryMemoir212.06Oct 10, 2006
click to expandFree Kittens: A MemoirAna-LiisaNovelMemoir3n/aAug 31, 2006

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