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Content: humour contest

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Recently Submitted

Title Author Type Genre Reviews Credits Date
click to expandStar Wars ala ClerihewsErndogPoetryHumor20.00Mar 20, 2013
click to expandA Day With MikeyvernShort StoryHumor72.03Mar 11, 2013
click to expandA Haunted Trailerj l moShort StoryHumor31.39Mar 11, 2013
click to expandLooking for Funny in All the Wrong Placesp lawrenceShort StoryHumor50.73Mar 8, 2013
click to expandboB the BruceGrayWitchShort StoryHumor20.00Mar 4, 2013
click to expandboB -- The Day the Muzak DiedGrayWitchShort StoryHumor30.12Mar 4, 2013
click to expandA Long Half-length of Rope: A Short Story (So far) Memphis TraceShort StoryHumor80.96Mar 2, 2013
click to expandOver in the Hog DivisionMemphis TraceShort StoryHumor52.65Mar 2, 2013
click to expandWaking up with the MulesMemphis TraceShort StoryHumor62.68Mar 2, 2013
click to expandWoManapausej l moShort StoryHumor80.40Mar 1, 2013
click to expandThe Dragon CookieSquarePegShort StoryYoung Adult82.30Feb 28, 2013
click to expandWiiFatSquarePegShort StoryHumor60.29Feb 27, 2013
click to expandThe Princess and the FrogDoug MooreShort StoryHumor101.05Feb 26, 2013
click to expandLet's Get WetpamlajjShort StoryHumor60.73Feb 23, 2013
click to expandA Stupid StorypamlajjShort StoryHumor71.41Feb 23, 2013
click to expandboB - Canadian - EH?GrayWitchShort StoryHumor50.37Feb 19, 2013
click to expandA BOX OF TIDE AND A HALF EMPTY JAR OF PEANUT BUTTERkylaShort StoryHumor80.34Feb 17, 2013
click to expandSLOBSkylaShort StoryHumor91.27Feb 16, 2013
click to expandThe Embers of Desire (revised)skeptikoiShort StoryLiterary Fiction141.95Feb 16, 2013
click to expandMen Are like CarsMariana ReuterShort StoryHumor50.81Feb 14, 2013
click to expand> au courant <Memphis TraceShort StoryHumor50.92Feb 14, 2013
click to expandGame SevenNathan B. ChildsShort StoryHumor141.83Feb 13, 2013
click to expandZse-zseMemphis TraceShort StoryHumor61.00Feb 13, 2013
click to expandHorror StoryJohn HamlerShort StoryMystery and Crime80.53Feb 12, 2013
click to expand-- K I D S -- 1. SIX GOING ON SIXTEEN:The TWINs SagaGrayWitchShort StoryHumor20.00Feb 10, 2013
click to expandSTORM of the Century - NOT!GrayWitchShort StoryHumor20.00Feb 8, 2013
click to expandAbraham to ZubrickAnn EverettShort StoryHumor140.94Feb 7, 2013
click to expandRoRoDutchShort StoryHumor90.78Feb 7, 2013
click to expandHelp MeDoug OlsenShort StoryHumor40.62Feb 6, 2013
click to expandTHE REASON EVERYBODY COMES TO RICK'S (and plays it again)John HamlerShort StoryEditorial and Opinion30.97Feb 5, 2013
click to expandTuna Fish SandwichJohn HamlerShort StoryEditorial and Opinion50.31Feb 4, 2013
click to expandthE lifE oF A boBGrayWitchShort StoryHumor20.00Feb 1, 2013
click to expandDorky TorqueJohn HamlerShort StoryHorror110.51Feb 1, 2013
click to expandJOKES I OFTEN TELL TOO OFTENJohn HamlerShort StoryHumor70.79Feb 1, 2013
click to expandUnder a Grinning MoonDoug MooreShort StoryHumor101.46Jan 30, 2013
click to expandTactlessbimmyShort StoryMemoir90.59Jan 29, 2013
click to expandSLEEPING IN AN UPRIGHT POSITION rlvsShort StoryHumor30.74Jan 29, 2013
click to expandLive Naked, Die ClothedbimmyShort StoryMemoir80.62Jan 29, 2013
click to expandDelirium or Card Shark?GrayWitchShort StoryHumor30.23Jan 24, 2013
click to expandWho Led The Queen?GrayWitchShort StoryHumor30.24Jan 3, 2013
click to expandBees, Dogs and Other Environmental ThreatsGrayWitchShort StoryHumor40.26Dec 27, 2012
click to expandDriving is Child's PlayGrayWitchShort StoryHumor50.22Dec 5, 2012
click to expandTraditional Versus ModernGrayWitchShort StoryHumor40.20Dec 3, 2012
click to expand RUPERT DOES HALLOWEENrlvsShort StoryFlash Fiction30.56Feb 1, 2012
click to expandStrawberry PatchC Lee BrownShort StoryHumor51.65Sep 28, 2011
click to expandParents in Recoveryulli rischeShort StoryOther50.89Feb 25, 2010
click to expandRUPERT AND THE MOUSE!rlvsNovelHumor4n/aNov 29, 2009
click to expandA Wedding in Kyringdratina_dc_hayesShort StoryFantasy81.44Aug 31, 2009
click to expandHURRICANE O'HARA - Scarlet's cousinrlvsShort StoryFlash Fiction20.00Jul 11, 2008
click to expandGIRLS CAN'T PLAYrlvsShort StoryFlash Fiction80.30May 23, 2008
click to expandA year without a fine spring dayable andersShort StoryFlash Fiction130.68May 27, 2006
click to expandYou don't know Jackable andersShort StoryHumor100.74May 22, 2006

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