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Recently Submitted

Title Author Type Genre Reviews Credits Date
click to expandSlatep lawrenceShort StoryFlash Fiction20.00Jun 16, 2014
click to expandShadow Wolf: RemembranceNataleeNovelRomance6n/aMay 10, 2014
click to expandSlaves of the CombineTELawrenceNovelScience Fiction6n/aFeb 13, 2014
click to expandDonutssolodogShort StoryOther60.54Jan 15, 2014
click to expandBiggy KousKousShort StoryFlash Fiction30.12Jan 3, 2014
click to expandB-I-N-G-...KousKousShort StoryYoung Adult50.19Jan 1, 2014
click to expandBrute's AdventuresGammsNovelAction and Adventure1n/aOct 31, 2013
click to expandSleeping in a LodgeGammsShort StoryAction and Adventure30.63Oct 16, 2013
click to expandShadows in the MisttallowShort StoryFlash Fiction50.41Oct 6, 2013
click to expandTrades 2Bonnie MilaniShort StoryScience Fiction42.35Sep 29, 2013
click to expandJourney To Landaran (Book One of the Spirit Mage Saga)Judy GoodwinNovelFantasy5n/aSep 9, 2013
click to expandGrave Robber tallowShort StoryFlash Fiction70.34Aug 8, 2013
click to expandThe SighttallowShort StoryHorror60.82Aug 5, 2013
click to expandAbout FaceHazy Shades of MeNovelLiterary Fiction2n/aJun 19, 2013
click to expandWHY DO RABBITS POOP?HummingwingsNovelLiterary Fiction4n/aJun 10, 2013
click to expandBurying the Evil Seed (Strongest Start 2013)Ammari SkyNovelMystery and Crime3n/aApr 25, 2013
click to expandMirror Mirror (Dark and Deadly series, Volume 1)Susan StecNovelHorror8n/aApr 25, 2013
click to expandCrosswordp lawrenceShort StoryLiterary Fiction91.34Apr 25, 2013
click to expandCityp lawrenceShort StoryLiterary Fiction40.86Apr 12, 2013
click to expandThe Abolitionist and the Bushwacker Debra Campbell-HeidlageNovelHistorical Fiction1n/aApr 9, 2013
click to expandCriticp lawrenceShort StoryLiterary Fiction51.33Apr 7, 2013
click to expandCABLE HORNMAN: SECRET OF THE DRUIDSC Lee BrownNovelFantasy16n/aMar 31, 2013
click to expandCorridorsp lawrenceShort StoryLiterary Fiction81.04Mar 16, 2013
click to expandMcCaffey's WifeWV_WriterNovelCommercial Fiction3n/aMar 14, 2013
click to expandFor Richter or PoorerJanet Taylor-PerryNovelOther4n/aJan 7, 2013
click to expandStolen DestinyTELawrenceNovelFantasy2n/aJul 9, 2012
click to expandThe Hellion Who Tamed the LyonNataleeNovelRomance4n/aJun 26, 2012
click to expandThe Misadventures of Writer Annie Buntin: Death on an Antique Persian Writer1ChickNovelCommercial Fiction9n/aJun 19, 2012
click to expandThe Mist Along The RiverSidemanNovelHistorical Fiction21n/aApr 24, 2012
click to expandThe Lights Compete With DawndebShort StoryFlash Fiction80.28Mar 4, 2012
click to expandRath Ravenkaleigh castle-maguireShort StoryFlash Fiction50.53Jan 29, 2012
click to expandGileadkaleigh castle-maguireShort StoryScience Fiction40.61Jan 15, 2012
click to expandA Family StoryLottieShort StoryCommercial Fiction31.37Dec 6, 2011
click to expandThe Midnight Man - OriginalLinkun ChenNovelMystery and Crime3n/aDec 5, 2011
click to expandA Secret ServiceskeptikoiShort StoryLiterary Fiction162.90Oct 4, 2011
click to expandMachineryjaksnipeNovelScience Fiction4n/aMay 25, 2011
click to expandThe TracksfarfinagleShort StoryMemoir60.94May 19, 2011
click to expandPay Back Time (Updated)wisealmaShort StoryFlash Fiction50.12Dec 18, 2010
click to expandTill It Happens - Chapter 1KCPenmanshipNovelLiterary Fiction9n/aNov 2, 2010
click to expandDIRTY WAR IN A BOXMister MustardNovelLiterary Fiction0n/aMay 4, 2010
click to expandTHE CRYSTAL SCEPTERR. M. KeeganNovelFantasy8n/aApr 27, 2010
click to expandIn a Different WorldmomcanactShort StoryCommercial Fiction81.40Apr 15, 2010
click to expandSalt AngelladynNovelFantasy5n/aApr 12, 2010
click to expandA Story to Die For (Updated)wisealmaShort StoryFlash Fiction90.62Dec 13, 2009
click to expandTwo Worlds ApartSidemanNovelCommercial Fiction6n/aJun 29, 2009
click to expandThe Search for Wimpy Bumbuster (rewrite)opsimathNovelLiterary Fiction0n/aMay 5, 2008
click to expandThe Family PortraitMarilyn JohnsonShort StoryMystery and Crime151.62Apr 24, 2008
click to expandSearch for Wimpy Bumbuster Ch. 10opsimathNovelLiterary Fiction3n/aApr 4, 2008
click to expandTHE OCEAN OUTSIDE MY DOORbrian s. lancasterShort StoryLiterary Fiction190.61Jul 3, 2007
click to expandKEYHOLEOdin RoarkNovelLiterary Fiction18n/aFeb 17, 2007

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