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Content: crime

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Recently Submitted

Title Author Type Genre Reviews Credits Date
click to expandSister Margaret's One Big Lielinda leeNovelMystery and Crime4n/aOct 8, 2014
click to expandMcShane #3 - Hurricane or Homicidej l moNovelMystery and Crime4n/aOct 8, 2014
click to expandBelle de JourSusan StecNovelHorror5n/aOct 7, 2014
click to expandThe Last GrimoireLinkun ChenNovelFantasy1n/aSep 27, 2014
click to expandA Sign of RetributionS. Tennyson TaylorNovelMystery and Crime4n/aAug 14, 2014
click to expandChild of Lokimike davisNovelFantasy2n/aApr 23, 2014
click to expandThe TreetopsmanwithnonameNovelAction and Adventure2n/aNov 23, 2013
click to expandThe County Fair - ReposteddebShort StoryMystery and Crime91.63Sep 23, 2013
click to expandResurrection, ColoradoDon_P_ChambersNovelMystery and Crime7n/aSep 16, 2013
click to expandDay-Tripper (Dark and Deadly series volume 2)Susan StecNovelHorror4n/aAug 11, 2013
click to expandTalon: The Pack Jordan04NovelYoung Adult9n/aJun 18, 2013
click to expandThe Jada AgendaMark S GoldbergNovelAction and Adventure4n/aJun 6, 2013
click to expandaRT tERRORDoug OlsenNovelThrillers2n/aMar 8, 2013
click to expandUrban DecayTELawrencePoetryPoetry71.74Feb 4, 2013
click to expandTwo KINGS, One KONGm w mccoyShort StoryAction and Adventure91.90Dec 21, 2012
click to expandManhattan Sting (working title)Jordan04NovelMystery and Crime2n/aOct 6, 2012
click to expandMurder Through the Looking Glass (Strongest Start 2013)Ammari SkyNovelMystery and Crime2n/aJun 1, 2012
click to expandChance of a LifetimeTELawrenceNovelThrillers6n/aMay 27, 2012
click to expandBorderlandsTELawrenceNovelMystery and Crime1n/aMay 3, 2012
click to expandThe Midnight Man - OriginalLinkun ChenNovelMystery and Crime3n/aDec 5, 2011
click to expandBurundi GoldjaksnipeShort StoryMystery and Crime122.86Oct 4, 2011
click to expandDETECTIVE STORYflowing pencilPoetryHumor70.39Sep 13, 2011
click to expandWatching Paint Curej l moShort StoryMystery and Crime81.02Aug 18, 2011
click to expandA Date wtih a SenatorJanet Taylor-PerryShort StoryMemoir60.65May 7, 2011
click to expandThe LostSimon HarperNovelLiterary Fiction3n/aFeb 14, 2011
click to expandCatch and ReleaseJ.T.TwerellNovelRomance2n/aDec 14, 2010
click to expandSignal 30J.T.TwerellNovelMystery and Crime3n/aDec 6, 2010
click to expandTorino DreamsNMwritermomNovelRomance15n/aNov 23, 2010
click to expandVicariousOcean ArcherNovelThrillers2n/aAug 5, 2010
click to expandBlue NotesRose MandanNovelMystery and Crime10n/aJul 19, 2010
click to expandThe Finger of GodjaksnipeShort StoryMystery and Crime153.27May 6, 2010
click to expandDIRTY WAR IN A BOXMister MustardNovelLiterary Fiction0n/aMay 4, 2010
click to expandNight At the RacesEileen ElkinsonShort StoryLiterary Fiction11.86Oct 14, 2009
click to expandWillinghamsmichael webbShort StoryMystery and Crime61.41Dec 22, 2008
click to expandThis Time You LoseChris StralynNovelThrillers13n/aMay 21, 2008
click to expandThe Search for Wimpy Bumbuster (rewrite)opsimathNovelLiterary Fiction0n/aMay 5, 2008
click to expandHitch Haiku #2touch1stonePoetryMystery and Crime40.04Sep 28, 2007

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