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Content: adventure

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Recently Submitted

Title Author Type Genre Reviews Credits Date
click to expandMystery of the Black HollowtheLinkNovelYoung Adult2n/aJun 2, 2014
click to expandThe Sorcerer's Progress, Book 1: Children and BeastsnjcNovelFantasy3n/aMay 2, 2014
click to expandKrudges:The Girl Who Lost the Earth, Book 1 2014Matthew AbelackNovelScience Fiction5n/aApr 28, 2014
click to expandRED NIGHTknighthawkNovelFantasy4n/aJan 27, 2014
click to expandA Sense of Sacrifice (Book III of The Law of Eight)Nicholas AndrewsNovelFantasy6n/aSep 29, 2013
click to expandTrades - the endBonnie MilaniShort StoryScience Fiction31.05Sep 29, 2013
click to expandTrades 5Bonnie MilaniShort StoryScience Fiction20.00Sep 29, 2013
click to expandTrades 4Bonnie MilaniShort StoryScience Fiction43.06Sep 29, 2013
click to expandTrades 1Bonnie MilaniShort StoryScience Fiction52.18Sep 29, 2013
click to expandTrades 3Bonnie MilaniShort StoryScience Fiction32.39Sep 29, 2013
click to expandTrades 2Bonnie MilaniShort StoryScience Fiction42.35Sep 29, 2013
click to expandFive boys and a Dolphin named SonaKay LovellNovelAction and Adventure0n/aJul 27, 2013
click to expandTalon: The Pack Jordan04NovelYoung Adult9n/aJun 18, 2013
click to expandThe Jada AgendaMark S GoldbergNovelAction and Adventure4n/aJun 6, 2013
click to expandCABLE HORNMAN: SECRET OF THE DRUIDSC Lee BrownNovelFantasy16n/aMar 31, 2013
click to expandThe Mandates of Magicamy sNovelFantasy9n/aOct 9, 2012
click to expandA Season in Cape Yorksilver_pencilNovelYoung Adult0n/aJul 11, 2012
click to expandStolen DestinyTELawrenceNovelFantasy2n/aJul 9, 2012
click to expandNorthern Extremitiesmartin m. meissNovelCommercial Fiction2n/aJun 19, 2012
click to expandInto the Fog, Dawn of the TigerC J DriftwoodNovelCommercial Fiction12n/aJun 12, 2012
click to expandThe Seraph Contingency: Anael's TaleJ_A_FalesNovelFantasy2n/aJun 6, 2012
click to expandThe Legend of Draconis, Book I: King Satin's Realm (Much Revised)Janet Taylor-PerryNovelFantasy5n/aJun 5, 2012
click to expandThe Imagination BookRaphiHailsNovelYoung Adult1n/aMay 14, 2012
click to expandSecrets of the Stonechaser (Book I of The Law of Eight)Nicholas AndrewsNovelFantasy3n/aApr 8, 2012
click to expandPomegranateKeenNovelHistorical Fiction5n/aMar 14, 2012
click to expandSpace Missiona.y.anouchiNovelAction and Adventure0n/aFeb 26, 2012
click to expandThe Midnight Man - OriginalLinkun ChenNovelMystery and Crime3n/aDec 5, 2011
click to expandRed TearsCartophylusNovelFantasy5n/aJun 5, 2011
click to expandThe Valley of the Dry BonesradleyNovelYoung Adult5n/aMay 6, 2011
click to expandBabyface FireNicholas AndrewsNovelFantasy8n/aDec 9, 2010
click to expandThe Yankees - Voyage Around Cape HornbecketNovelHistorical Fiction3n/aNov 23, 2010
click to expandPollo 13TeddyPNovelYoung Adult2n/aAug 23, 2010
click to expandThe Adventure Tournament Nicholas AndrewsNovelFantasy15n/aAug 21, 2010
click to expandThe Horizon Conspiracy and a Bag of BonesMister MustardNovelYoung Adult1n/aAug 16, 2010
click to expandThe Girl With Sand in Her HairKeenNovelRomance1n/aApr 5, 2010
click to expandThe Guardians: Witch ChildLouLou SNovelFantasy34n/aJun 20, 2009
click to expandThe Magic Chip ShopKeenNovelYoung Adult4n/aJun 7, 2009
click to expandWhat Are You Going to Do with a Latin Degree? (Part I of the Memory's Musings series) D.H. NawarNovelLiterary Fiction5n/aMay 12, 2009
click to expandThe BFCSherman LawShort StoryMemoir61.35May 10, 2009
click to expandThe Search for Wimpy Bumbuster (rewrite)opsimathNovelLiterary Fiction0n/aMay 5, 2008
click to expandKEN CARTER AND THE EMERALD POOL MYSTERY Chapter onerlvsNovelYoung Adult4n/aSep 25, 2007
click to expandRedemption, Junior Walker, & MeknighthawkShort StoryHorror82.49Aug 2, 2007
click to expandCatching Hell or The Ultimate Celebrity RoastraconineNovelHumor9n/aMar 13, 2007
click to expandThe Zigon Project - Book One: Breath of LifeD.L. RankinNovelYoung Adult2n/aFeb 18, 2007
click to expandTHE PEOPLE'S CHAMPIONknighthawkNovelFantasy6n/aFeb 4, 2007

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