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Nicholas Andrews's Profile

Penname: Nicholas Andrews
Country: United States
Web address: www.facebook.com/iamnykk
Favorite book: A Song of Ice and Fire
Member type: Author
Member Since: Aug 21, 2010
Bio: I grew up in Ohio, so it was either write or shovel roadkill for the county. I attended Wright State University, but college ultimately wasn't for me. I worked for three years in independent pro wrestling, doing video production work. My writing became a secondary priority during that time, but now I'm back in it. Who wants a piece?

Interesting fact: I'm the nephew of award-winning new age author the late Ted Andrews.

User Writings

Title/Name Date Ranking Reviews Type
Apr 8, 2012110175Novel

Dec 9, 201021656Novel

Aug 21, 201082223Novel

May 1, 201317990Novel

Feb 22, 201337313Novel

Sep 29, 201330927Novel

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