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MJ Stephens's Profile

Penname: MJ Stephens
Country: United States
Favorite book: The Alienist by Caleb Carr
Member type: Reviewer
Member Since: Mar 22, 2009
Bio: I have written on and off my entire life, but it wasn't until my 'nest' became empty that I began doing it in earnest. Although there was a short span of time in '90 & '91 when I had two children's books published; "A Tail of a Different Color" and "Big Enough". Then, beginning in 2004 my first stage-play, "Fairy Tale Confidential", was produced in Nashville, TN. Since then, I have written seven more plays that have also been professionally produced in and around Nashville, titled "Behind A Harvest Moon", Who's There?", "Brush, Floss & Sons", "The Further Adventures of Cootie Simone - Atlanta", "Sleeping Beauty - The Untold Tale", "Love Laughs Last" and "The Reason For If". My first novel - working title "Never Alone", which I am currently editing, was a finalist in the Wilkes-Barre University's 2005 "First Novel-in-Progress Competition. All of these were written under my previous married name of Anderson. I am currently writing under the name of Stephens. In addition, I am also working on another novel, a play and various works of poetry. The way I see it is this, there is no excuse to be idle as long as my brain is alive and my fingers can move. Besides, when my muse is awake, it's nearly impossible to ignore him/her.

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