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In the past, we wrote alone, solitary, looking for inspiration and motivation from the walls of an office, a basement, a closet. And most of the time, our work remained unfinished, locked away, unpublished, dead.

Today, we write together, drawing inspiration from the conversations, emotions, and ideas of our fellow scribes. And we do not give up, we do not succumb to writers' block, we do not falter. Our novels, stories, poems, articles and more spring forth in a burst of languages, genres, types, and formats. And we are able to tell our stories.

TheNextBigWriter is an online writing workshop platform that exists to help you tell your story. Whether you are writing the next great novel, expressing yourself through poetry, or looking to perfect a business article, the site is here to provide you with the feedback, motivation, inspiration, and guidance needed to achieve your writing goal.

It does this by harnessing the power of writers working together. When you post content to a group, other members of that group will review your work, provide suggestions, and help you improve what you have posted. In return, you will do the same for other writers on the site. This reciprocal feedback becomes a powerful way to receive feedback, establish relationships with other writers, and begin to understand the worth of your own writing efforts.

The site is open to all writers from all parts of the globe. From beginner writer to best-selling authors, the site can help you perfect your work. The site's unique Group structure provides a place for everyone. Want a big writing group? We have it. Want a smaller, more intimate environment? We have that also. And if you can't find a group you like, you can start your own.

Helping Authors Get Published

Since the original site launched in 2005, members have given each other over 400,000 critiques which have helped thousands of authors refine and successfully publish their writing.

Who Can Benefit from the Site?

Almost anyone who likes or needs to write can benefit from the site. TheNextBigWriter is used by:

Individual writers to get feedback on their novels, short stories, articles, and more.

High school and college classes looking for an online-platform to make their writing classes more interactive, fun, and educational.

In-person writing groups that want to add a virtual workshop component.

Online writing groups looking to use the sites sophisticated writing tools.

There are many other ways to use the tools and features of the site. Come in, explore, and create your own unique ways to use the tools we have created.

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