About TheNextBigWriter

TheNextBigWriter is a posting, reading, reviewing, connecting, learning, publishing, socializing, celebrating platform for anyone who likes, wants or needs to write.

The original TheNextBigWriter site launched in October of 2005 as a virtual workshop where writers could receive helpful feedback on their work, meet other writers, and participate in contests. Over the next nine years, the site helped authors publish hundreds of books, and thousands of short stories and poems. You can view some of the published books here.

In August 2014, a new, expanded version of TheNextBigWriter launched, incorporating all of the feedback gained in the previous nine years. The new TheNextBigWriter combines advanced writing and editing tools with social networking features to produce an even better site for writers to tell their stories.

Whether you are writing to be the next big writer, or simply to receive pleasure from other members reading and commenting on your work, the site can help you achieve your writing goals.

Who Can Benefit from the Site

Almost anyone who likes or needs to write can benefit from the site. TheNextBigWriter is used by:

Individual writers to get feedback on their novels, short stories, articles, and more.

High school and college classes looking for an online-platform to make their writing classes more interactive, fun, and educational.

In-person writing groups that want to add a virtual workshop component.

Online writing groups looking to use the sites sophisticated writing tools.

There are many other ways to use the tools and features of the site. Come in, explore, and create your own unique ways to use the tools we have created.

TheNextBigWriter Tools

We've designed the new TheNextBigWriter writing platform with some powerful new features to make producing great material as easy as possible. Don't be nervous though. The features are intuitive to use and with our help guides and videos you'll be cruising along in minutes regardless of your Internet skills.

Below are five features to remember to use:

In-line Editing Tool

We've designed an in-line editing tool so that readers can give precise feedback and writers can receive detailed, helpful contextual comments on how to improve their work.

How to use it: Click the In-line review button at the top or bottom of any posted content. Follow the instructions on the in-line review page.

Cover Creator

The Cover Creator provides an easy tool for any member to create simple, good looking covers for their content. You can upload an image you have taken or purchased to create a cover, or use our simple template.

How to use it: You can access the Cover Creator by clicking the Cover Creator button when you edit content you have uploaded. Visit the Help section for more information.

Writing Visibility Controls

You can decide exactly who gets to see your writing on the site every time you publish new content. You might want a piece of writing to be available on the general Internet, while other writing to just be viewed by a few close connections.

How to use it: when you post content, you'll have the option to choose its visibility. Be sure to press the help button for a better description of each visibility option. Visit the Help section for more information.

Points System

The Points System provides an incentive for participating members to read and review the work of other participating members, building a reciprocal system of feedback. Our experience has shown that those that participate in the system receive more and better feedback. Using the credit system is optional and available only to Premium Members.

How to use it: By reading work with gold coins next to it you can accumulate points, even if you are not a Premium Member. Then, if you are a Premium Member you can publish content that pays points and attract more reviewers. More information is provided in the Help menu.


Shelves is a tool that provides members with an opportunity to easily add books they have published or would recommend to their personal shelf. It not only helps a member show their taste in writing, but helps others discover books they might like.

How to use it: Click any Shelfit button to automatically add books you like on the site to your bookshelf. Or, you can click the BookShelf option in the navigation drop-down and follow the directions to add a book. Visit the Help section for more information.

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