About TheNextBigWriter

TheNextBigWriter is a posting, reading, reviewing, connecting, learning, publishing, socializing, celebrating platform for anyone who likes, wants or needs to write.

On the site you can:

Receive detailed feedback on your writing using the site's powerful online workshop features.

Get motivated to write with writing contests, prompts, and more, including the Strongest Start Novel Competition.

Connect with other writers and share tips, ideas, and publishing information.

Take writing classes or offer your own.

Find the perfect writing group, or start your own.

Control who sees your content and maintain all of your rights.

The site's unique Group structure also means that you can find the perfect writing group for you. Want a big writing group? We have it. Want a smaller, more intimate environment? We have that also. And if you can't find a group you like, you can start your own.

Helping Authors Get Published

Since the original site launched in 2005, authors have received and given over 400,000 critiques which have helped thousands of authors refine and successfully publish their writing.


Basic membership on the site is Free. Free Members can post content, join writing groups, take writing classes, and more. Premium Membership is for those who want a more intense writing workshop experience and provides members with advanced editing tools, access to Premium groups, and use of the site's point system, which helps ensure participating members receive detailed feedback.

Who Can Benefit from the Site?

Almost anyone who likes or needs to write can benefit from the site. TheNextBigWriter is used by:

Individual writers to get feedback on their novels, short stories, articles, and more.

High school and college classes looking for an online-platform to make their writing classes more interactive, fun, and educational.

In-person writing groups that want to add a virtual workshop component.

Online writing groups looking to use the sites sophisticated writing tools.

There are many other ways to use the tools and features of the site. Come in, explore, and create your own unique ways to use the tools we have created.

Find out more:

Whatever your writing goal, TheNextBigWriter can you help you or someone you know tell their story.

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