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Member Testimonials

These are just a sample of some of the testimonials we have received since the site launched in October 2005.

  • "LOVE AT THE WAWA" has been accepted for the summer issue of the Duck and Herring Company's Pocket Field Guide. The editor in chief said it was, "funny and sexy." I started writing creatively a year ago, and this is my first acceptance. Thanks, TNBW family, for all the great feedback and making me feel confident enough about my work to send it out for publication! - GEM- 04/18/06

  • I'm having a blast! I've been to several flesh-and-blood writing groups, but the quality of review doesn't even come close to tnbw! Several of the group have come on the site and are LOVING it!- Elle Lockwood- 03/28/06

  • I have to say that in the first two weeks I am pleasantly surprised with the site and all the excellent work I have reviewed. Even more important (to me) has been the specific feedback when a reviewer thinks I can do better and offers clear constructive criticism. It means a lot to me to have such honest and sharing reviewers help (little ol') me to improve the quality of my work- whether or not it ever gets published is less important than the journey.- Able Anders- 12/20/05

  • I am at the stage of my writing career where caring criticism helps immensely. TheNextBigWriter provides a way to get that feedback before committing yourself to publication. The feedback has given me the courage to send manuscripts into circulation which I otherwise would not have sent off. It also provides me with examples of some of the newest talent around. All in all, I'm glad a friend of mine recommended this site to me.- Rhiannon- 12/28/05

  • Thanks so much, i'm enjoying this website, it is a terrific site...the feedback from other writers is as valuable as their motivation!- Diana Methot- 12/15/05

  • ...your site has been VERY helpful in keeping me focused on this manuscript, which has sat untouched for two years. - Michele Cozzens - 11/16/05

  • No questions, no problems. Just a hearty THANK YOU for establishing this site! I’ve received very helpful feedback on my novel in the last three days, and have read some great stories. - Stacie Barfield - 11/2/05

  • I am a new member to this wonderful site, but it has been so helpful and encouraging.  I also got a fellow poet to join.  This is a great idea, and I really just wanted to say thank you for this opportunity to interact with some very talented people. - L. P. Thomas - 10/27/05

  • On another note, I am enjoying the site. The feedback  has proven to be a lot more helpful (in such a short time too) than those received on a couple of other writing networks of which I am currently a member. - Wordsmith- 10/17/05

  • I just want to take a moment to express my thanks to you for opening this site. It has been so helpful, I have been desperate to hear an outsider's view of my work for years. I have already made friends and been moved by some of the work others have done. I hope to belong to this site for many years to come, thanks again, Jennie.
  • - Jennie Grace- 10/10/05

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