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TheNextBigWriter - About Us

A Place to Make Your Writing Happen

TheNextBigWriter is a dynamic, supportive private community where writers post their work to receive feedback from other writers and readers. In addition, writers can share ideas and network with one another, start building a fan-base of readers, and receive recognition and rewards - including cash prizes and publishing contracts. This all occurs within a validated password-protected (VPP) site, ensuring that the rights to each author's work are fully preserved, and creating a comfortable, professional environment. Members on the site run the spectrum from beginners to published writers and come from all parts of the world.

Readers on the site have the opportunity to receive a sneak-peek at creative writing in-progress and through their feedback can participate in the process of creating TheNextBigWriter.

Since its launch in October 2005 the site’s members have generated over 200,000 detailed reviews on 35,345 novel chapters, short stories, and poems posted on the site.

Hundreds of short stories and poems workshopped on the site have been published by by independent literary magazines and mainstream presses. Several of the novels on the site have already achieved commercial success and many more are moving their way through the publication process. Please TheNextBigWriter Bookstore for more information on some of the books from the site that have been published.

In the Press

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How it Works

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Who We Are

TheNextBigWriter, LLC is a privately funded company located in Newton, MA. In addition to TheNextBigWriter.com, the company also operates Booksie.com, an online publishing platform for creative writing and thewriterssite.com, a resource site for writers. In October 2010, the company launched WorldMaker Media to commercialize promising online content from sites like TheNextBigWriter.com and Booksie in ebook and paperback formats.

We welcome your thoughts, comments, and suggestions. Please email us at contact (at) thenextbigwriter.com with your feedback.

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